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Immerse yourself in a transformative audio experience as Dale Valor guides you through a journey of finding your inner self. Tap into your subconscious mind, rewire negative thought patterns, and ignite a profound sense of self-confidence.

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Benefit from Dale's years of expertise as he shares personalized tips and techniques to boost your confidence in various aspects of life. Empower yourself with proven strategies for lasting self-assurance. So what are you waiting for claim your free gift now.

Dale married his 2nd girlfriend at 23 years old but 5 years into the marriage, his wife tells him she is bisexual and wants to have an open marriage. Giving Dale the green light to be with other woman, he was given a golden ticket to go after other woman. Not knowing how to flirt and approach, he went to books to study and research the science behind flirting and approaching. (This was before there was YouTube) He would learn, study and apply the concepts then… IT WORKED!!! It took him FIVE YEARS to really master these techniques and it wasn’t until a trip to Thailand that Dale started mentoring men how to use the same concepts and EVERY ADVICE these men took from Dale, worked like a charm!! Dale, coming as a signed hip hop artist and real estate agent, he found his passion and calling… Being men’s wingman in the dating world! It took Dale FIVE YEARS to really grasp all the concepts of trial and error, he wished he had a coach guide him to speed up the learning curve. As they say, time is more valuable than money… He wishes he would have invested any amounts of money to bypass the 5 years… NOW Dale gives men like you, the chance to speed up your learning curve and discover proven methods to win at the dating game. Today, Dale has multiple programs, courses and his new book to become your inner game wingman! Your not getting any younger… You want to work with Dale NOW to see massive results instantly!

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